Skills Development And Job Creation For SDB Communities

11 March, 2011

Skills Development And Job Creation For SDB Communities

Delegates at the SDB Skills Development Learning Encounter, concentrate on the opportunities being presented.

Taking the lead from our Presidents State of the Nation address and our Finance Ministers’ budget speech, the South Durban Basin(SDB) Area Based Management (ABM) of eThekwini Municipality find themselves right on target in terms of implementing government imperatives for achieving creation of jobs through partnerships with the private sector.  This is because of their SKILLS DEVOLPMENT LEARNING ENCOUNTER hosted by the ABM’S Social Development Network, on the 24th of February 2011 at the SAPREF Social Club. The apt theme of the Learning Encounter was: “Partnerships for skills development and job creation” With an overwhelming response from Businesses, SETAS, training providers and community representatives, the workshop set out to bring skills development practitioners together to share National, Provincial, Local trends and issues in their fields of expertise, with an overall view of encouraging partnerships between the private sector, community and Government.

In her opening address, representing Mayor Obed Mlaba, Councillor Dianne Hoorzuk of eThekwini Municipality expressed her support of the objectives of the Skills Learning Encounter. She further said that such an event and the process that was to unfold was long overdue and she was glad that the SDB ABM and its partners in the private sector and other spheres of Government have spearheaded this.

Regional Centres Unit Head, Gerard Strydom, officially opened the event and wished the delegates well in their deliberations. He further emphasised that job creation forms the basis and foundation to any Community Development Work. The programme boasted a listed of speakers like Mr. Thomas Mktelwa from eThekwini Skills development to SETA representatives as well potential employers like the SA Navy, Mondi and SAPREF who all showcased available opportunities for skills development and job creation.

Eurakha Singh, Social Development Manager and Acting Senior Manager, SDB ABM challenged all participants to make a contribution towards addressing unemployment through partnerships and working together. She further stated that she hoped the Learning Encounter would act as a catalyst for many innovative and meaningful projects that will address skills development challenges and ultimately create jobs. A steering committee was elected who have committed themselves to taking skills development and job creation forward in the SDB.

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