DSW - Cleansing and Solid Waste Unit Home Page


DSW (Durban Solid Waste) - The Cleansing and Solid Waste Unit of eThekwini Municipality is the leading provider of comprehensive waste management service. The department is committed to a foundation of service excellence and superior customer service.

Waste Management is tailored to meet the needs of each customer to ensure consistent exemplary service. Strategically located within the eThekwini Region, the department’s network of business and operations includes  23 Operational Centres, 6 Transfer Stations, 3 Active Landfill Sites, 23 Recycling Plants, 3 Landfill Gas Projects and 2 Leachate Plants.  These assets enable DSW to offer a full range of services  to 3.1 million residential, industrial and commercial customers.

Drawing on its resources and experience, DSW endeavors to make a positive difference for the environment and the communities.

DSW  offers a  broad range of services:

  • Collection and transportation of domestic, commercial and industrial waste.

  • Provision and management of wheelie bins and skips. 

  • Managing of landfill sites. 

  • Street cleaning and litter removal services. 

  • Recycling and minimisation of waste.

  • Management of illegal dumping. 

  • Community waste management awareness and education programmes. 

  • Research and development of new waste management processes. 

  • Recovery from landfills of naturally produced methane gas as an energy source for generating electricity. 

Purpose Statement
To contribute to a clean and healthy environment and vibrant economy for the eThekwini area, through responsible solid waste management practices, recognising solid waste as a useful resource wherever possible.

DSW have adopted a number of core values which we feel best illustrate what is necessary for us to achieve our mission. These are:

Customer Care
DSW is dedicated to serving its customers in the best possible fashion, by always responding to their needs in a friendly, positive and enthusiastic manner.

Cost Awareness
DSW takes every step possible to ensure that the unit operates in a cost-effective and financially responsible manner by constantly evaluating and streamlining its processes.

DSW can never be as effective on its own as when they function as a team. The unit also acknowledges that the skills and contribution of each member of our operation is necessary for the continued success of its service.

Honest Work
In order to be as effective as possible DSW resolves to end each working day satisfied with the efforts  been made to ensure a successful outcome to the task at hand.